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Welcome to Udream website, I’m Phuong Le, the founder and owner of Udream. After 6 months arriving to Australia in 2008, I began to develop acne all over my face, neck and back due to habitat changes and I struggled with it every single day. Since then, I always dreamed of getting hair and beauty qualification and opening my own beauty salon so that I could give myself an opportunity to become an Australian as well as help others who face the challenges like me.

Nowadays, to immigrate and become an Australian is more challenging than 5 years ago when you just need to satisfy the study qualification, English requirement and a relative full-time Job to legally apply for an Australian permanent visa.

After 10 years of living in Australia, I believe it is quite enough time for me to be able to understand the pressure of  those who are passionate on taking challenges in this beautiful country. Additionally, being a woman and a mother of 2 beautiful angels, I deeply sympathize with the pressure you have put on your shoulders, and it inspired me to show you my interested journey of how to become an Australian citizen as a beautician.

Establish in 2016, uDream always tries to focus on becoming a trusted and quality place and be your top selection of all beauty services you require. At Udream, the commitment is to use only the most standard and quality products only to support the individual needs of each person. Our team of beauty experts will instruct guidance based on your own beauty needs. We are confident with our experienced and dedicated staff, which will bring you the best results.

Currently I am taking Cert IV in Training and Assessment, which I can convey to you all that I have as a remembrance of what Australia has bestowed upon me.

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We love your true beauty. We adore your real skin.

At uDream, we believe that everyone’s true beauty originally comes from a beautiful healthy skin. Thus, we are very passionate about taking care of your skin by sharing our best skin care knowledge to you all, in accordance with latest technology, to give you an unforgettable journey to a perfect skin, a perfect you. uDream guarantees using only the most effective products that have been certified to meet Australian quality standard.

The journey of taking care of your skin and beauty will never end. Therefore, it is never too late to start changing today. Supporting you every step of your journey anywhere, anytime at uDream with the slogan “Beautify your dream” – Let’s us make your dream come true. Today.


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