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CARLMARK’s Collagen is a leading skincare technology that brings you an entirely new concept in skin beauty. Turn your dreams into reality with healthy, youthful, and beautiful radient skin. Specially formulated to easily penetrate deep into the skin layers, it absorbs and assimilates easily into the skin. This is essential in fortifying the restoration and recovery of skin, by replenishing the body to naturally regenerate collagen.

ARLMARK Bio-nano Concentrated Liquid Collagen 100% has been developed using innovative bio-technologies, and is enriched with bio-active, water-soluble pure natural plant extract and concentrated collagen with similar molecular structure to the skin collagen, as well as the bio-nano encapsulated amino acids which are basic amino acids for skin collagen synthesis


  • Plant-extracted collagen
  • Bio-nano encapsulated amino acids
  • Multi-glucosides
  1. Use a small amount on the fingertips
  2. Apply the concentrated liquid to a clean, dry face and neck
  3. Use during the morning and evening